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"Salesperson was very knowledgable. I would have preferred a written quote instead of a best guess before making my decision. I appreciated the suggestions for helping me save some money. It has been two days and I am disappointed with the circulation tank and pump. It is not an improvement over my standard water tank."
P . R from Cedar Park, TX on December 3rd, 2009
starstarstarstar(4 / 5)
"Very good experience. Straight forward sales engagement, the installation personnel showed up on time and were friendly and professional, and the job was completed in a timely manner."
R . C from Austin, TX on December 6th, 2009
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
"complete process from sales to installation is good"
C . G from Round Rock, TX on December 8th, 2009
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
"Install crew was great. I am self employed and install shutters for a living, and I always enjoy doing a great job myself...keeps the work coming in. Your crew was professional, and did a great job."
E . C from Georgetown, TX on December 19th, 2009
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
M . M from Austin, Texas on December 22nd, 2009
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
M . M from Austin, Texas on December 22nd, 2009
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
"Service was straight-forward and easy, turn key is always a good thing."
I . L from Austin, TX on December 23rd, 2009
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
T . K from Austin, TX on December 29th, 2009
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
"My only disappointment is the hot water in the kitchen area never gets hot. It's lukewarm at best even after running the faucet for several minutes. Also, I have experienced times when I get hot water in the bathrooms, then it gets cold for a few minutes, then hot again."
G . A from Austin, TX on December 30th, 2009
starstar(2 / 5)
"Had an excellent experience with the crew. They were knowledgeable and skilled and completed the project ahead of estimated time."
L . B from Austin, TX on January 3rd, 2010
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)