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"I had both Rinnai tankless water heaters cleaned. The young man who did this explained what he would be doing and answered questions I had. He just left and I think all is well. Good job."
S . from , on July 2nd, 2018
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"My water heater went out around 9:30am this morning. My wife found several water heater installation contact online, but we decided to call Texas Water Heaters. The phone was promptly answered and after an information exchange I was given a quote (verbal and via email) and was told the installer would be at my house in one hour with the Rheem gas water heater that I had requested. In one hour we received a call stating the water heater had just been loaded into the truck and that the staller would be at our house at 12:00 noon. The water was installed in one hour, we paid the invoice and it was all done. A paid receipt was emailed to me 10 minutes after the installer left my house. The installer was prompt, courteous and worked very hard to complete the installation. We were so very impressed and could not believe how fast and effortless this was done. We give Texas Water Heaters an A+++. Great job!!!"
T . I from Georgetown, TX on June 29th, 2018
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"Great and precise work. All new fittings and no mess left behind. I was worried that I wasn’t going to be home, but that was laid to rest when I saw the quality of the work."
M . from Pflugerville, TX on June 25th, 2018
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"Very satisfied with the service. Woke up at 1:00 AM this morning hearing what I thought was a faucet running. Found out it was my water heater leaking through my ceiling. I quickly turned everything off and it looked to be leaking from the hot water exit connection. Called Texas Water Heaters in the morning and had them come out to replace the heater. When they go there, it turned out that it was just the flex hose. They drained the water heater, and the flow was good and clean so they just fixed the flex hose and got it back heating water. I went with them because their quote was good on the new water heater. However, they actually just fixed the issue that I had vs a new water heater. I would highly recommend these guys for anybody in the Austin area that needs a water heater or water heater work. Great to see integrity still exist."
M . from Austin, TX on June 19th, 2018
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"The only thing was that I was told the drain pan line was included in the installation. Plumber said it wasn't, so I ended up running it my self."
D . from , on June 4th, 2018
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"I took what I was prepared for off from work. The appt was scheduled at 10am so my supervisor was expecting me to return to the office after the appt. I was called and informed it was changed between 1-2pm. I then received a 2nd call that it would be at 5pm. I had a utility bill that I needed to go in person and pay because of the changes I was unable. I in turn had to pay a late fee. I called around 5:15pm to ask when the person would arrive I got a little bit of a run around. I couldn’t tell you how the service was since I was not standing over the gentleman. I know in the past I used to see a hose going from the attic but the past several years I have not."
I . from Leander, TX on May 31st, 2018
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"good job"
J . from Austin, TX on March 20th, 2018
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
"Garrett and his assistant were on time and did a very good installtion of the new heater. They left the room clean and instruceed me on how to operate the new water heater. They were hard workers."
J . from Austin, TX on February 22nd, 2018
starstarstarstar(4 / 5)
"Excellent work!"
E . from Austin, TX on February 16th, 2018
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
B . from Austin, TX on February 14th, 2018
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