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B . H from Austin, TX on September 13th, 2009
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
R . F from Austin, TX on November 7th, 2009
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
"So far, everything's working great!"
J . S from Austin, TX on May 19th, 2009
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
"The installation was within my expectations. I have issue with the transaction. I was never told that I had to pay for the unit on a credit card up front - it was a surprise that happened when the installer showed up and wouldn't start work until a credit card number was obtained. This really pissed me off. I would have preferred to pay for the equipment before hand and the balance upon completion of the work - communication would have helped the situation. Secondly, we were told that an inspector was supposed to inspect the installation after the electrical work was completed... this has never happened. If it didn't need to be done, then we should have not been told that an inspection was necessary by the installer. Again, poor communication. I think I would have given a C or D rating with better communication and different payment options."
E . N from Round Rock, TX on June 16th, 2009
starstar(2 / 5)
"It was great. Installer was professional and friendly and did a great job."
L . D from Austin, texas on June 4th, 2009
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
"Every other word was more cost"
J . Y from Austin, TX on June 9th, 2009
starstar(2 / 5)
"Installation guys took time to explain everything thoroughly. Very nice."
V . D from Austin, TX on June 14th, 2009
starstarstarstar(4 / 5)
"The guys were great! Awesome service and I would recommend the company to anyone. Good service is hard to find these days."
H . P from Round Rock, TX on June 15th, 2009
starstarstarstar(4 / 5)
"Cody and crew were really pleasant to work with and I would recommend them to my friends."
A . H from Austin, TX on June 17th, 2009
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)
M . J from Austin, TX on June 25th, 2009
starstarstarstarstar(5 / 5)