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All of our technicians are licensed and insured

Our Texas master plumbing license number is M11171

We feature Rheem, Bradford White, and A.O. Smith water heaters

A+ rating! from the Austin, TX Better Business Bureau.

Since 1972, Texas Water Heaters has been providing top quality water heating solutions since from our home in Hutto, TX .

Whether you need water heater repair or are interested in a new system, we offer a broad range of water heating solutions from Rheem®, and repairs for any brand.

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Tank water heater services
Tank water heater services
Tank water heater services

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Water Heating Choices

For over twenty years, we have offered leading water heating technology to homeowners in Travis and Williamson County, Texas. Based on your water heating needs and your budget, our licensed and insured water heating technicians have the ideal water heater for your project. You can choose from traditional water heaters, high performance tankless hot water heaters, or super efficient heat pump water heaters. We stock the complete line of Rheem® water heating equipment.

  • Tank Type Atmospheric
  • Fuel LP or LPG
  • Storage Gallons 30-75
  • UEF Range 0.58-0.66
  • First Hour Rating 52-105
  • Tank Type Power Damper
  • Fuel NG or LPG
  • Storage Gallons 38-75
  • UEF Range 0.65-0.69
  • First Hour Rating 66-84
  • Tank Type Power Vent
  • Fuel NG or LPG
  • Storage Gallons 38-75
  • UEF Range 0.65-0.70
  • First Hour Rating 66-86
  • Tank Type Electric
  • Fuel Electric
  • Storage Gallons 20-80
  • UEF Range 0.90-0.93
  • First Hour Rating 45-67
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Tank water heater services
Tank water heater services
Tank water heater services

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Rheem® ProTerra™ heat pump water heaters (HPWH) are a relatively new residential water heating option. They extract heat from ambient air and de-humidify as a by-product of producing hot water. They are over 300% more efficient than an electric water heater and can save hundreds of dollars per year in energy. For complete information about Rheem® HPWH systems click here

Tankless Water Heaters

If you have natural gas or have a larger need for hot water, you should also consider high-efficiency Rinnai® or Navien tankless systems. Click here for details

Water Heater Repair Services

Traditional gas or electric tank style water heaters are the most common residential water heating system in the metro Austin area. We offer you fast, reliable high quality water heater service for both homeowners and businesses. We service all major types and brands of traditional water heaters. Our service trucks stock the parts needed to make most repairs promptly.

To Repair or Replace Your Water Heater?

A typical gas or electric tank style water heater lasts from 10 to 15 years. If your water heater is getting older, you should consider a planned water heater replacement. An unexpected DHW failure can be inconvenient, and is a common cause of significant property damage. In addition to age, these are signs your water heater may be on the way out:

  • Moisture under your water heater can indicate your water tank is starting to leak.
  • Does it take long for your tank to re-heat, or does the hot water run out faster than it used to.
  • Is there staining or rust on your sinks, toilet or bath fixtures? Has your water recently changed color? This may indicate your tank liner is deteriorating.
  • Is you tank gurgling or making air noises as it is re-heating?

If you are experiencing any of these conditions, and new water heater might be in your immediate future. Why wait until your water heater is leaking? A planned water heater replacement will give you the best value in you new water heater.

About Texas Water Heaters

Texas Water Heaters was founded in 1972 by Texian K.R. Salyer as a tankless water heater specialist. We are one of Rinnai's oldest and most experienced area tankless water heater dealers. Our customer service and long standing reputation are easily seen in the hundreds of reviews we’ve received from your friends and neighbors over the years.

All of our technicians are licensed and insured. Our Texas master plumbing license number is M11171.

We have been a Better Business Bureau Accredited member since 2009. We have provided Rinnai® Navien, and Rheem water heater installations and service to our Texas neighbors for well over two decades and we are more than proud of ourA+ rating! from the Austin, TX Better Business Bureau.